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8 things you should know before becoming an entrepreneur.

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

So it seems that everyone wants to be an entrepreneur; everyone wants to "be their own boss!" So many people are sitting at home pondering on ideas, ways to make money, ways to leave their job (especially during this COVID-19 crisis), but do you REALLLYYY know all that is wrapped up in this glammed up ball of #bossvibes?

I was super excited when I reached 6 figures, working for MYSELF, but it didn't come without lessons learned. While being an entrepreneur has its obvious perks, and I wouldn't change it for the world, I've learned A LOT of lessons.

Here are 8 things you should know BEFORE becoming an entrepreneur:

1. If you don't love to read, research, or study- this is NOT for you!

Ok, so you don't have to be a person who loves to read a new self-help book every month (although that may enhance your mind), but unless you just come out the gate with the finances to pay people to do everything for you, reading, researching, and studying will be your BEST friend. Most of the businesses I've started, I either didn't have the finances when I started them or I had grown so secure in my research skills that I knew I could figure it out. Websites, SEOS, marketing, graphic design, etc... there are SO many things that go into the work behind the scenes, that you will likely have to choose which you can afford to pay for at start up and which ones you cannot. That is where the reading, research, and studying will come into play!

2. Oh you're a perfectionist?- Then learn some anxiety coping techniques.

I'm a perfectionist! While that is good for quality, let's be real, it's not always good for your soul. People who tend to be perfectionists can ponder over their work, their business, their goals SO much, that anxiety and stress are not that far behind. Honestly, I've seen a lot of people where perfectionism completely stops them from proceeding with their business or goals because of overthinking. Even if you aren't a perfectionist, I'm sure you will be passionate about your business, so learn what calms you, what takes your mind off things, and what helps you disconnect. Every entrepreneur needs an outlet from their minds and the hours of labor.

3. Change is inevitable.

No matter WHAT your business is, nothing stays the same. You have to be able to adapt to change within your business. Whether it be the industry you're in as a whole changing or simple changes such as technology and social media, you have to allow yourself to use your wisdom, but go with the flow. I'm not in the game of "keeping up with" others, but I definitely analyze the changes around me to see what I need to allow to be of benefit to me.

4. Start any healing you may need from your past experiences and relationships.

Ok, I know this may be TOO deep for some of you, but it's real. Ultimately, whether you want to admit it or not, you probably have some scars from experiences you have been through. A business deal gone wrong? A person you trusted hurting you? Past family issues? Often times, these things play themselves out in your business decisions or interactions with others and can take you steps backwards unnecessarily, so the more you resolve early on, the less effect they will have in your business. Don't feel you need any "healing" so to speak, then at least focus on your weaknesses and get those together!

5. You have to like being around people, at least SOMETIMES.

Confession: I'm a homebody, I'm an empath (I feel my emotions and other's emotions a lot), and I genuinely can be a little introverted at times. People within my business think I'm so extroverted. WHY? Because I exhaust myself pouring out my personality because I understand the importance of networking. You cannot do everything alone. If you think you can, you have a lot to learn, and you will exhaust yourself. I am getting better at networking outside of my salon environment, which increases my learning, my opportunities, and my confidence!

6. Faith over fear is a MUST!

I'm a Christian, if you're but when the days get hard, and things seem to not be working out in your favor, you have to BELIEVE they will. Allowing fears to overtake your mind, thinking you aren't good enough, thinking your idea isn't good enough, thinking the money won't come...SIMPLY WON'T CUT IT. I always trust God to work it out. Admittedly, it's not always easy...okay most times it's not easy, but it always works out! I'm not saying you make dumb decisions and trust God to work it out, but allow your connection with him to guide you in your decisions, and always know that even if things fail, you learn from them and do better the next time!

7. Be willing to accept criticism and GROW!

Ouch! I know... no one wants to hear about themselves, but when you're able to hear the negative about yourself, it can help you in your business. Granted, make sure you have trusted sources telling you about yourself because there will be some people who are trying to tear you down, compete, or have simple hate and jealousy. Those that you can trust, take the hit, absorb it, and allow it to nurture you. Surround yourself with these positive, but honest, people, and don't let the negative weigh you down. The better version of yourself you bring to the table, the better all of your endeavors you will be.

8. "I just like to be creative." - Ok..well I hope you're rich enough when you start to not need much organizational support.

Most people who are, or want to be, entrepreneurs have a strong creative side, but let's be real, people who are super creative tend to have a hard time gathering their thoughts. You have to tap into BOTH sides. Learn how to bring your creativity to the table without allowing your brand/business to look chaotic. If you have money to pay other people to be organized when you start, kudos! Most entrepreneurs are leaping, and don't have a full team when they start, so you have to PRACTICE being organized, especially if you have to work with others.

Take all of these tips, self-reflect, and grow!

Much love,


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