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"I'm a multifaceted kinda chick: An expression of God, a wife, a mother, healing energy, an entrepreneur, a female empowerment enthusiast, an analytic, a creative, an empath, a future mogul, and a dash of sash! I somehow roll all of these characteristics into my crafts. "

Meet brandy

As a South Carolina native, I grew up in a small town hair salon with an ambitious mother who owned her salon for over 30 years, and eventually became the first African American and female mayor of our hometown. From a very young age, I had an innate zeal and unwavering ambition, I held a firm belief in the exceptional intellect and boundless creativity of my mind. Deep within me, I was sure that my life held the potential for something truly impactful. However, I struggled with confidence, anxiety, and insecurities, often hiding these issues well and trying to fit in by pretending to be someone I wasn't.

Despite my inner battles, excelling academically became a source of accomplishment. I received numerous scholarship offers and secured full rides to attend multiple colleges. Initially, I enrolled at Spelman College in Atlanta. However, I constantly felt out of place due to the ongoing struggle between my analytical and creative sides. Recognizing the need for a shift, I made the decision to follow my passion for creativity and transferred to Paul Mitchell The School in Atlanta. Determined to become the best stylist possible, I embarked on this new path.

As I began to sour on my new journey, an unexpected pregnancy presented itself during my third month of cosmetology school. Embracing the new chapter with open arms, I remained strong in my commitment to excel academically. Graduating with honors, I celebrated the joy of motherhood while pursuing my education. Over the subsequent five years, I married the father of my child, expanded my family with the arrival of a second child, and concurrently pursued a degree in Psychology from The Pennsylvania State University because my soul needed to finish what it started.

Yet, amidst the balancing act of being a wife, mother, and striving for personal growth, I encountered the inherent challenges. Though outwardly appearing composed, I wrestled internally with a struggle for confidence and a fluctuating faith, grappling to find my authentic path amidst the complexities of life.


Despite my aspirations to transition into a corporate career and having all the necessary qualifications on paper, I was repeatedly faced with job application rejections. It was a perplexing situation because, deep down, I wanted to step away from the hair industry for more job security. However, it became evident that these job interview setbacks were not mere coincidences but rather a clear indication that God had alternative plans for my life.

Wholeheartedly embracing the hair industry, I experienced tremendous growth as a Co-Owner of Replenish Salon, one of Atlanta's top-rated natural haircare salons. Despite financial limitations in our beginnings, God's blessings strengthened my faith to witness how we were able to grow with so many odds continually against us. Over the course of approximately 10 years, our salon brand thrived, leading to the successful launch of the Naturally Replenish Haircare line. This transformative journey not only fueled my professional growth but also served as a profound healing catalyst for me and my past. It revealed my true capabilities and ignited my confidence, prompting me to embark on a journey of self-discovery, fully uncovering my life's purpose.  I realized that my journey had a purpose, that my continual struggle to balance the facets of my intellectual and creative mind, had a purpose.

With a firm commitment to healing from my past and wholeheartedly embracing my authentic self, I recognized that to fully embrace the path God had designed for me and step into my real purpose, I needed to take the courageous step of closing my salon to free my path of pouring into anyone else on a professional level. The definition of success began to change for me, and I knew that I needed to release that chapter of my life to have the time to discover what is next for me. 

Continuing my journey through life, I wholeheartedly embrace my purpose and draw upon my past experiences to propel my future. As a dedicated wife and a more confident mother, I utilize my multifaceted talents to craft exceptional experiences for my clients, infusing my journey into the heart of my services and brand. While I am still learning and growing, I firmly believe that my best days lie ahead. Shedding comparisons and self-doubt, I walk forward with unwavering determination, fully immersed in my journey and pouring my heart into every step.

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