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The Art of Starting Again- How to manage pivotal life changes.

Notice I didn't say the art of starting OVER. I said starting AGAIN...think on that as it is an important aspect to remember during this brief read, and it will make sense for your current life transition.

5 months ago, I made a life-changing decision to close the doors of Replenish Salon, a successful salon in Atlanta, GA. For nearly a decade, this salon had been an integral part of my life, deeply connected with my sense of purpose. However, as time passed, I reached a juncture where the inner peace I was seeking from the business was no longer possible. Overwhelmed and feeling disconnected from my true path, I struggled behind the scenes with depression, anxiety, and recurring health challenges. Despite my love for the salon brand, I understood that this change was not just necessary but inevitable.

When you're faced with the undeniable need for a significant life change, it's important to approach it wisely. Recognize that the keys to unlocking the door to your next life chapter have been presented to you all along. God will make sure these keys manifest as subtle signs and you will see that they have quietly guided you toward the life you genuinely desire. If you are in the midst of a major life change, have confidence in the unfolding journey, be smart about your moves, and know that taking that courageous step toward change can lead to the fulfillment of your deepest desires for a peaceful life.

The bold decision to close this business has expedited my healing journey on a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical level. As a person who has always needed to find creative outlets, I decided to start to learn the art of brushstrokes this weekend with my daughter. I learned a lot of lessons during this painting session about the ART OF STARTING AGAIN.

Here are my tips for The Art of Starting Again:

  1. Embrace the Journey, Not Just the Destination: Just like embarking on a new painting, starting again in any aspect of life is a journey. Embrace the process, the learning curve, and the growth that comes with it. Understand that it's not about reaching the finish line immediately; it's about taking one brushstroke at a time.

  2. Let Go of the Past, but Keep the Lessons: Closing Replenish Salon was a significant step, and it's crucial to let go of the past while preserving the valuable lessons and experiences it provided. These lessons are the colors you carry forward onto your new canvas.

  3. Discover Your Inner Artist: As you explore new creative outlets, like painting, writing, cooking, gardening, fitness, etc., realize that within you lies untapped potential. Just as you nurtured the chapter of your life that you know needs to end, nurture this creative side of yourself, allowing it to flourish and evolve, because that will lead you to your next chapter.

  4. Patience and Practice: Starting again requires patience. You won't create a masterpiece overnight, just as you won't rebuild your life in an instant. Dedicate time to truly connect with God, get to know yourself, refine your skills, and watch as your new journey unfolds.

  5. Find Beauty in Every Brushstroke: Understand that beauty isn't solely in the finished product but in the detail of every individual brushstroke. Likewise, in life, cherish each moment and experience, for they contribute to the beauty of your journey and will be a part of your story.

  6. Seek Guidance and Learn: Don't hesitate to seek guidance, whether it's from a mentor in your chosen field or from your faith. Just as you learn new techniques in art, you can learn and grow from others' experiences and wisdom.

  7. Stay Open to Change: Starting again often means embracing change. Be open to new ideas, opportunities, and perspectives. Sometimes, a blank canvas can lead to the most unexpected and beautiful creations.

  8. Nurture Your Inner Peace: Prioritize your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Just as you maybe feeling you can't continue in your current chapter with the pain and frustration you feel, you can't embark on a new journey without taking care of yourself first.

Closing my salon, the part of me that DEFINED me, was a bold step, but it paved the way for a deeper understanding of my purpose and a renewed appreciation for the art of starting again. Embrace this new canvas of life with enthusiasm, and you'll discover the beauty in every stroke along

the way.

Healing is a journey,

Brandy <3


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