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Below are my regimen recommendations and favorite products. Please note that these are general aftercare recommendations, and your regimen/products may vary based upon individual hair types, lifestyle, and hair needs. 

I will first outline the regimen steps needed and provide product recommendations after. Understanding a healthy regimen is KEY to having a healthy color journey. The products needed just fill in for the steps needed. 

Cleansing the hair is the foundation to everything. Your hair can't absorb the treatments and deep conditioners it needs if the cuticle is clogged from products, oils, gels, etc. Doing a clarifying shampoo at least once a month and after any protective styling is important to hair health. These can often be called purifying, clarifying, or deep cleansing. Use approximately 2 times until you get a good lather. You can use a hydrating/moisturizing shampoo in between. Blondes can also incorporate violet based shampoos to tone as desired. 

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