Signature Micro Mist Treatments & Hair Analysis:


Each signature service and all color services include a micro mist treatment with plant based elements, unique hair analysis, regimen consult, and trim (if needed). 



What is a Micro Mist Treatment:

The micro mist steamer treats the hair more effectively than traditional steam treatments by using cutting edge technology that allows an enormous quantity of microscopic water particles to penetrate deeper into the hair's cuticle layers, providing the foundation for healthy hair. Micro misting swells the strand, deposits water, and allows treatments to be "locked in" giving longer lasting relief to dry or damaged strands. ALL services include a conditioning, hydration treatment. We have additional add-on strengthening treatments below.

Color Services:

Non-refundable $50 Deposit required for color services

All services include style unless otherwise stated.

E-mail consult required to start the color process. 


(Please note- all color services are subject to charge for increased difficulty, length or density.)


Brandy's Signature Color Services:

**All prices are subject to slight increase due to increased density, length, or timing needed outside of the norm to accomdate texture. 

Balayage/Ombre'   $275

Book for a unique, free hand painted technique for highlights/color that appears to be naturally growing, graduating, or an ombre (dark to light) effect. This technique grows out the most natural and has the most blend and longevity for natural textured hair. This is for the Balayage technique blending ONE tone with your natural hair color. Includes detailed regimen consult, product recommendations, sleek style, twist out, or wash and go style, and trim (if needed). 

Dimensional Color  $300

Book for a blend of colors (base, low lights, highlights) for natural or bold effect. The most individualized color service for natural textured hair. Includes Balayage Technique with more than one tone. Includes detailed regimen consult, product recommendations, sleek style, twist out, or wash and go style, and trim (if needed). 

Express Balayage $215

A Balayage color service involving partial application for those desiring a transition into receiving color. This service involves small splashes of color and less sections than traditional Balayage. For those looking for a subtle change.

Includes detailed regimen consult, product recommendations, sleek style, twist out, or wash and go style, and trim (if needed). 

All Color Services:

Grey Coverage/Root Touch Up     $45

Excludes style
Touch up roots only for grey or previously colored single process hair (2 inches or less).

Italian Color Gloss   $50

Excludes style

Demi-permanent color that lasts 6-8 weeks to refresh previously done color or give sun-kissed shine and color tone to hair. No lifting.

Single Process Color   $170

Book to color hair one single color all over for more natural tones up to brown, brownish-red,  mahogany, and natural copper tones . Does NOT include fantasy tones (See Double-process description).


Double Process Color  $275

Book for bold or blonde all over tones that need to be pre-lightened and toned.

(Bold reds, purples, blues, greens, coppery-orange, pinks, etc).


Style Services & Treatment Add Ons:

(There is a $25 new client fee for all new clients receiving style services.)

Sleek Style  $75 & Up 

Hair is cleansed, replenished with micro mist treatment, blow dry and flat iron styled for sleek and silky finish


Natural Style $75 & Up
Hair is cleansed, replenished with micro mist treatment, and styled in medium/large individual/flat twist.

Wash & Go Style   $70 & Up

Hair is cleansed, replenished with micro mist treatment, and styled to define natural curl pattern.

Wand Curls    $90

Hair is cleansed, replenished with micro mist treatment, and styled in wand curls.

Formula 18 Replenish & Repair Treatment- $45

Excludes Style


A plant based treatment to repair and replenish the hair without loosening of texture. The cysteine within the pea peptide, resurrection plant, and tamarind links with the sulfur atoms in the hair travel deep into the cuticle to create or rejoin broken disulfide bonds from color, thermal, and mechanical damage. The result is healthier, shinier, and more manageable hair that retains length. Can be used on curly or sleek styles. *Our 2nd level of strengthening.


Ideal candidate:

* Those experiencing actual breakage, damage from color, or weaker strands

* Dry or dull strands looking for maximum shine and silk

(due to increased health)

* Those looking for our most luxurious & maximum benefit treatment and humidity resistance without elongation

BASiC Carbon Scalp Treatment- $25

Excludes Style


An experience for the scalp, BASIC's Carbon Tea Tree System contains activated charcoal, which is re-owned for its detoxification properties that purify and alleviate not only toxins, but sebum, dryness, allergens and other residues that can be trapped in the scalp and hair. This system is uniquely formulated to help cleanse, energize, and calm the scalp. In addition, BASIC Carbon Tea Tree System contains essential oils known for their antiseptic, healing properties such as tea tree, lemongrass, peppermint and pink grapefruit to invigorate and refresh the scalp.


Ideal candidate:

* Those with dry, itchy, or flaky scalps

* Perfect for those with itchiness, dryness, or build up on their scalp after braids, weaves, and protective styles

BASiC Smoothing System- $150 & Up

A pure cysteine based, all natural foam that provides strength for length retention and shedding as well as temporarily loosening WITHOUT breaking the S bonds of the hair shaft.

By using a blend of enriched amino acids in conjunction with heat the hair is temporarily elongated (smooth) without the use of harsh chemicals, formaldehyde or alkaline ingredients.

Adds manageability, elasticity, strength, and locks in moisture into natural hair. Lasts up to 20 shampoos.

*Our highest level of strengthening.



Ideal Candidate:

* Clients that have a hard time managing their texture or would like temporary elongation to aid in detangle and ease of styling

* Elimination of frizz with natural styles and wash and go

* Maximum humidity resistance for those who mostly wear sleek styles.

Precision Cut- $35

Excludes Style

More than a trim, to change to a different shape or add layers. 

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