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First coworkers, then business partners, and now SISTERS. Who says women, black women, can’t work together?! We met while working at a popular natural hair salon in Atlanta. GA in 2013 and later decided to start our own salon, Replenish Salon in 2014.

Now rated as the top black natural hair salon in Atlanta, our success has not come easy and without multiple lessons about others, and ourselves. Our brand has always been to create an environment that uplifts and empowers women, and through our salon environment we are able to do so, learn from those around us, and help women discover their purpose.


Through our experiences as entrepreneurs and individuals, we have been on a mental, emotional, and spiritual journey that is propelling us into our purpose and destiny.

Designed 100% by us, this line is an intimate reflection of our unique personalities, lessons learned, and affirmations we live by. Experience the Replenish Brand, and join us on our journey to uplift, inspire, and propel women into unity and purpose.

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